Wednesday, May 20

Carbon Capture Leaders Roundtable: Global Perspectives on the Role of CCUS in Building a Clean Energy Future

Event overview

With the race to meet the world’s climate change mitigation goals, carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies have continued to draw the attention of governments, corporations, and investors over the past year. This global panel of experts discussed the essential CCUS technologies that are required for the success of the Paris Agreement, gave an update on current projects around the world, and explored what role CCUS could play in the economic recovery in light of COVID-19.

Event video

Event speakers

Harriet E. Berg

Norway's Consul General, Norwegian Consulate General in New York

Amy Harder

Energy & Climate Change Reporter, Axios

Mechthild Wörsdörfer

Director of Sustainability, Technology & Outlooks, International Energy Agency

Trude Sundset

Chief Executive Officer, Gassnova SF

Amishi Kumar

Program Manager for Carbon Utilization R&D, U.S. Department of Energy

Alex Krolick

Managing Director, Head of Infrastructure and Energy Finance, Americas, Macquarie Capital