Thursday, December 16

Cleantech Founders Breakfast Club: Surviving the Holidays

Event overview

December’s CFBC theme was Surviving the Holidays.

In a world that’s fraught with inefficiency, on the streets where technology of old provides lagging unidirectional power, a new generation of cleantech entrepreneurs carries the weight of the energy transition.

This past holiday season, Cleantech Founders became part of our fight to make this new energy world a realty…by joining us for cocktails and provocative conversation on survival tactics in financing, marketing, regulation, and maintaining sanity for 2022.

During December’s CFBC, we properly celebrated the tremendous success over the past year as well as thanked everyone for being such dedicated cleantech members by making this month’s CFBC a special edition Cleantech Founders Happy Hour.  All attendees received complementary wine from Hunt Country Vineyards, a sustainable winery based in New York.