Thursday, October 29

Cleantech Founders Breakfast Club: Fundraising

Event overview

In our October meeting, we focused on cleantech fundraising and discussed recent successes and challenges faced by the founders in light of the pandemic, remote work, and economic uncertainty.

This off-the-record monthly event, hosted by Dynamo Energy Hub Co-Founder Kristin Barbato, provides a unique opportunity for Founders of innovative cleantechs to connect with each other in a trusted environment.

Event speakers

Kristin Barbato

Co-Founder, Dynamo

Michele Demers

Founder and CEO, Boundless Impact Research and Analytics

Chris Galle

COO, Bioenergy Devco

Kathy Hannun

Founder and President, Dandelion

Deirdre Lord

Co-Founder, The Megawatt Hour

Sam Ramadori

President, BrainBox AI

Nate Richards

Co-Founder, Enerex

Rachel Rosen

President and Co-Founder, WexEnergy

Gregg Semler

Founder, InPipe Energy

Ron Wexler

Founder and CTO, WexEnergy