Tuesday, February 25

Cleantech Founders Breakfast Club

Event overview

This event brought together Founders of innovative cleantechs for a facilitated, knowledge-sharing roundtable to discuss the business side of running a new startup, including but not limited to: fundraising, recruitment, networking, accounting, operational day-to-day, and much more.

Event speakers

Deirdre Lord

Co-Founder, The Megawatt Hour

Michael Sexton

Managing Partner, Micatu

Michele Demers

Founder & CEO, Boundless Impact Investing

Jean-Christin Jung

Co-Founder & COO, Tarform Motorcycles

Navneet Trivedi

Co-Founder & COO, Vrinda

Rachel Rosen

Co-Founder, President, CEO, WexEnergy

Ron Wexler

Founder, CEO/CTO, WexEnergy