Monday, April 18

Climate Tech Innovation: How do we fully eliminate carbon emissions from the power sector and where are the technology gaps?

Event overview

On April 18th, we announced our partnership with BloombergNEF to facilitate innovation in the energy transition. The partnership offers our members exclusive access to events covering key trends in the climate tech space and we announced it in conjunction with our recent Climate Tech Innovation event. Held in New York City we had over 150 people join the  evening where we heard from Mark Daly, Technology & Innovation Analyst at BloombergNEF on recent investment trends in climate tech, and where the major technology gaps still lie if we are to decarbonize the power sector. The event also included a panel discussion moderated by Amy Harder, Executive Director at Cipher by Breakthrough Energy with leading climate tech Dynamo members including Blueprint Power and Hevo.

See information on BNEF presentation slides.

Remarks from:

Benjamin Kafri, Global Head of Client Relations, Partnerships, & Innovation Program at BloombergNEF





Meade Harris, CEO & Co-Founder at Dynamo Energy Hub





Presentation by:

Mark Daly, Technology & Innovation Senior Associate at BloombergNEF





Panel moderator:
Amy Harder, Executive Director at Cipher by Breakthrough Energy







Robyn Beavers, Co-Founder and CEO at Blueprint Power





Claudio Spadacini, Founder and CEO at Energy Dome






Jeremy McCool, Founder, Chairman, and CEO at HEVO






Jack Joyce, Regional Executive Director, Americas
at Reactive Technologies





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