Thursday, January 21

Navigating the Transition to Shared, Electric Mobility

Event overview

Navigating the Transition to Shared, Electric Mobility

The transportation sector looks set to remain the largest U.S. climate polluter in 2020 despite the negative impacts of Covid-19. At the same time, automakers, policymakers, and utilities are ramping up their EV efforts, and ride-hailing giants like Uber are pursuing 100% EV fleet targets. What will the future of private and shared e-mobility look like given these trends? How will the economic roller coaster of 2020 impact transportation over the long-term? And how can cleantechs effectively engage with utilities, policymakers and automakers to accelerate the transition to e-mobility? Dynamo will bring together mobility players and innovative cleantechs to discuss these questions and more at the start of the year.

Event speakers

Nick Albanese

Head of Intelligent Mobility, BloombergNEF

Kristin Barbato

Co-Founder, Dynamo

Ashwin Dias

Global Head of Vehicles & Electrification, Uber

Keith Kerman

Chief Fleet Officer, City of New York

Jeremy McCool

Founder and CEO, HEVO

Vic Shao

Founder and CEO, Amply

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