Thursday, September 29 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM EST

September Cleantech Founders Breakfast Club: What’s the state of early stage climatetech investing post-IRA? Insights from Blackhorn Ventures


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Event overview

While the tech sector has witnessed a drastic pullback in venture funding, climatetech is a different story. Early stage investment across the clean energy ecosystem remains incredibly active with a record $26.8B in venture funding for the first half of 2022 through 968+ deals. As the Inflation Reduction Act moves towards implementation, what are investors looking for? As a Founder, how should you be thinking about unit economics, customer traction, and measuring your environmental impact?

Dynamo Energy Hub member Micah Kotch, Partner at Blackhorn Ventures, a globally recognized leader in early-stage clean energy company development and commercialization. With a portfolio spanning energy, mobility, construction and proptech, supply chain and logistics, and industrial decarbonization, Micah will join this discussion as a guest speaker to provide insights on Blackhorn’s investment thesis, and share his perspective on how you can make your startup stand out, how you should think about your fundraising process, and how you can capitalize on this next chapter of growth for the clean energy ecosystem.