Tuesday, June 07 4:00 - 7:00 PM CDT

Sustainable Commodities Forum


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Event overview

4:00PM | Registration
4:30PM | Opening Remarks 

        Kristin Barbato                       Brent Smelter                        Shira Guedalia
 President & Co-Founder           Head of Commercial        Senior Account Manager
   Dynamo Energy Hub                  BloombergNEF                   BloombergNEF

4:40PM | Sustainable Commodities: Where Net-Zero Meets the Supercycle

89% of global CO2 emissions are now covered by countries with net-zero targets or ambitions. Many in capital markets are shying away from investing in firms or fuels seen non-complaint to these targets. Others say that a ‘crisis of molecules’ has emerged due to years of under investment in most commodities, stoking inflation and a possible global recession. Join us to hear about BNEF’s views on achieving the balance in allocating capital between commodities that sit on either side of the net-zero argument.

Ashish Sethia, Global Head of Commodities, Energy & Environmental Markets,BloombergNEF





5:00PM | The Push-Pull of Energy Security and Net Zero Ambitions

Dan Pickering, Founder, CIO, Pickering Energy Partners





5:20PM | Teamwork makes the Net-Zero Dream Work: An RSG Case Study

As decarbonization becomes a central theme for the US oil and gas industry, so to do opportunities for creating effective and mutually beneficial partnerships. The Williams-Context Labs-Encino-Satlantis tie up uses Decarbonization-as-a-Service to make a significant and timely impact in reducing methane emissions for one of the largest handlers of natural gas. But how did this partnership come to be? What were the biggest challenges it faced thus far? What was the role of technology in bringing this partnership together? Can similar pacts originate for other forms of decarbonization in the commodity spectrum?

Nakul Nair                               Angela John                              Joe Etheridge
Senior Gas Associate             Director of Innovation            Chief Technology Officer
BloombergNEF                       Williams                                    Encino

Matt Berchtold                                            Aitor Morinigo
Vice President                                              Executive Vice President
General Manager                                         Satlantis
Context Labs

6:00PM | Fireside Chat: Yesterday’s Solutions and Tomorrow’s Problems

The global energy system is in the midst a profound reorganization, driven by supply and demand, supply chain pressures, emissions targets, and the efforts to reach net zero emissions by mid-century. That requires building today for impact tomorrow, and it involves choices and priorities at the national and system level. In every energy sector transformation in history, positive decisions made in one era become negative outcomes in another era. How can building in today’s energy system best prepare us for tomorrow – and break out of the pattern of yesterday’s solutions becoming tomorrow’s

Nat Bullard                                    Michael Webber
Chief Content Officer                   Josey Centennial Professor
BloombergNEF                              UT Austin

6:30PM | Cocktail Reception