Tuesday, June 30

The Customer to Grid Nexus: How do Utilities and Customers Project Energy Usage After COVID?

Event overview

In the power markets, customers are active participants but traditionally have little insight or no access to their energy usage data and market information. Innovative solutions by The Megawatt Hour and Amperon offer data-driven intelligence to customers, enabling them to improve efficiency, lower CO2 emissions, and allow for better resource planning. Panelists from Energy Impact Partners, The Megawatt Hour, and Amperon explored how data access and demand forecasting can help drive clean energy transition, asked what investors are looking for in energy intelligence solutions, and discussed the role that innovative cleantechs can plan in post-COVID-19 recovery.

Event video

Event speakers

Sean Kelly

Co-Founder, Amperon

Deirdre Lord

Co-Founder, The Megawatt Hour

Adam James

Chief of Staff, Energy Impact Partners