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Partnership Spotlight: Kiln

Thursday, August 11th 2022
Credit: Kiln

Dynamo Energy Hub is thrilled to present an exclusive feature on our partnership with Kiln. Kiln has proven to be an incredible partner for Dynamo, and their core beliefs and values are inherent to the concept of what we are building. This partnership will allow Dynamo to help build out our Boulder community in the energy space, helping to bring more companies focused on the energy transition together under one roof, enabling cross-collaboration in a clean, bright, modern space that facilitates productivity.

Our Boulder hub — located on the iconic Pearl Street (2101 Pearl Street Boulder, Colorado 80302) — is situated in the heart of the city, lined with restaurants and shops. Catch a bite, stroll through Pearl Street Mall, or even visit one of the nearby breweries for an after-work drink.

The Boulder hub’s benefits include:

  • Sound-proofed private meeting spaces
  • Sit-to-stand desks
  • Event space
  • Printing services
  • Beverage station
  • 24/7 access
  • Lending library
  • Filming equipment
  • Free parking
  • Community events & programming


Why Boulder? Boulder has proven to be a key city in the energy transition, with many forward-thinking cleantechs actively participating in the space. There are also notable VC’s operating out of Boulder and Denver, which are helping to transform investment trends in the industry and proving that not all money “comes from the coast.” Dynamo is very tapped into Colorado as a leader in the energy transition and their role in encouraging companies (especially start-ups) to join the industry and help push the envelope on cutting-edge technology and thought leadership in an ever-changing landscape.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Kiln for our newest Hub in Boulder. Nina Khosravi, Community Director for Kiln, wrote in to Dynamo’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Claudia Prandoni, to tell us more about Kiln and what Dynamo’s partnership means to them.

Nina Khosravi, Community Director for Kiln

Claudia: Tell us a little bit about Kiln and its Boulder location.

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Nina: From the beginning, Kiln Boulder was designed as an eco-friendly hub for the coworking community in Boulder, Colorado. Our architects and designers took seven separate buildings and repurposed them into a contemporary flexible open office space solution. In addition to the adaptive reuse of existing retail space, Kiln is focused on reducing our carbon footprint with solar panels and other environmentally friendly measures. Our unparalleled location right on Pearl Street provides free first-come, first-serve parking in the heart of Boulder, Colorado where spaces are at premium. Kiln Boulder attracts a vibrant, hip community of individuals seeking networking and relationship building opportunities to grow their businesses while still enjoying the nearby outdoor attractions. From single entrepreneurs to larger companies catering to a better work/life balance for their employees, Kiln provides coworking office solutions with plenty of amenities and perks to ease your daily routine.

Claudia: How does Kiln differ from other coworking spaces, hotels, and members clubs?

Nina: Kiln has many unique and special features, but the two most important are its design and the tight knit feel of our community. Our cofounder is a designer and there was thought put into every nook and cranny of Kiln. We have ample amounts of space to take private calls, or just to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, natural light throughout the building and plants galore. It’s very common to hear gasps, oos and ahs from people on a tour because the space is so beautiful! Nothing compares to our community! We are a family and you can feel it when you walk in. We provide tons of opportunities for members to connect in and outside of Kiln and everyone is there to support one another. Kiln has a holistic approach, as do our members. We care about each person’s work and personal life and believe there should be a healthy balance!


Claudia: What are the main benefits Kiln offers that you’d like the Dynamo community to know about?

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Nina: Kiln coworking spaces are famous for the huge variety of amenities that facilitate better performance and a work-life balance. Our Boulder location offers a podcast studio and outdoor patio space in addition to various wellness amenities such as yoga and a relaxation room. Our studio offices provide sound-proofed private meeting spaces, with a unique contemporary decor that preserves the original building’s texture and history. With sit-to-stand desks, soft seating, and ergonomic options, Kiln offers you a comprehensive suite of an office setup with copiers, printers, WiFi, and other components already in place so you can hit the ground running.

Claudia: What are you most excited about Kiln’s partnership with Dynamo?

Nina: We are so excited to partner with Dynamo and hope to be the community gathering place for all things clean energy related in Boulder. We are committed to helping those in this space because we believe that clean energy companies are working towards solving some of the most important and pressing issues we face as a society.


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