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Monday, October 10th 2022

Together with BloombergNEF, Dynamo held its first international event in London, with leaders from innovative climate-techs, energy companies, VCs, and impact investors from all over the world.  In front of the packed room, Jon Moore, CEO at BloombergNEF said in his opening remarks: “I’ve been traveling all around the world over the past few weeks, and the main theme that I kept hearing is how necessary collaboration is in the energy transition. To achieve any of our targets, we must stop working in silos. And that’s exactly what Dynamo is doing – facilitating the needed global network of energy leaders across the sector.”

Meade Harris, Dynamo Co-Founder & CEO talked about the expansion plans for Dynamo. ‘’We’ve opened hubs in cities all over the US: from Boston to Austin, New York City to San Francisco, Washington DC to Boulder and we will be coming across the pond… today it is more relevant to be globally connected in the energy sector.

Benji Kafri, Global Head of Client Relations, Innovation and Partnerships at BloombergNEF, highlighted the partnership between the companies around innovation and why it is so important, and closed the evening by announcing the themes for the BNEF 2023 Pioneers program.  For more than a decade, the BNEF Pioneers program has identified a group of game-changing technologies or innovations annually – each with the potential to accelerate global decarbonization and halt climate change.  The three challenges this year include:

Challenge 1: Accelerating the deployment of clean hydrogen

Challenge 2: Sustainable metals and materials for an electrified future

Challenge 3: Building a net-zero food production system

More information on the Pioneers program can be found here:



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