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Climate Week 2020 – Cleantech, Collaboration, and Climate Action: Driving the Clean Energy Transition through COVID-19

Medium Tuesday, September 22nd 2020

On September 22, at Climate Week NYC, Dynamo and Credit Suisse launched a joint paper titled Cleantech, Collaboration, and Climate Action: Driving the Clean Energy Transition through COVID-19. This timely paper features insights from leading cleantechs who have been able to not only successfully navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic but even thrive.

The paper demonstrated that nearly all interviewed cleantechs were able to identify new innovative applications for their technologies and secure new investments during the pandemic, pointing to the resiliency of cleantech companies. Notably, all companies also highlighted the importance of increased collaboration between cleantechs, corporations, governments, and investors for the continued clean energy transition.

“Achieving our climate and energy goals calls for quickly and intelligently scaling clean energy technologies, and cleantech companies can be those catalysts for change,” said Kristin Barbato, Co-Founder of Dynamo. “It is truly inspiring that the majority of the cleantechs interviewed for this paper have been able to close new business or secure investments during the pandemic. The importance of collaboration cannot be underestimated, and this is why Dynamo’s growing network and platform is more essential now than ever.”

This paper also gives an overview of macro trends in clean energy investment and discusses collaborative platforms that enable cleantech innovators to scale and flourish across the energy ecosystem.

“Despite of a tumultuous period of disruption and unprecedented change, 2020 is proving a banner year for cleantech investing and sustainability finance,” said Ted Michaels, Head of Renewables North America at Credit Suisse. “It is promising to see that investors are taking an active role in accelerating capital for clean energy innovation, essential for the energy transition.”

Download the paper here.


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