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Dynamo Spotlight On Cowboy Clean Fuels

Wednesday, December 6th 2023

Can you lasso clean natural gas? If anyone can, it’s Ryan Waddington, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Cowboy Clean Fuels. He joined Kristin to discuss the (literally and figuratively) groundbreaking zero-emission fuel his company is developing out West. Mosey over to hear more about the future of renewable natural gas (or RNG, for cowboys in the know).

More on Cowboy Clean Fuels

Cowboy Clean Fuels is pioneering the development and production of the world’s first carbon negative, renewable natural gas, Cowboy RNG, produced in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin area. Cowboy will utilize subsurface coal seams as geobio-reactors to produce low-carbon renewable natural gas through microbial action and from alternative biomass feedstocks. Cowboy Clean Fuels was formed in 2020 to commercialize technology developed by Dr. Michael Urynowicz over 10+ years of research and lab studies at the University of Wyoming’s Center for Biogenic Natural Gas Research. The product, Cowboy RNG, is pipeline quality, carbon negative natural gas, and will be sold into one or more of the low carbon and renewable fuel/power markets that exist at state and federal levels and expand globally.


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