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Dynamo Spotlight On Feedback Solutions

Monday, September 11th 2023

Welcome to “Dynamo Spotlight On…,” a new video series where we dive into the minds of the visionary founders in the Dynamo Network who are driving the clean tech revolution. Join us as we explore the inspiring journeys, breakthrough technologies, and sustainable solutions that are reshaping our world for a brighter future.

Our interview is with David Whalley, President & CEO at Feedback Solutions.  Join him and Kristin Barbato, Co-Founder & President at Dynamo Energy Hub as they discuss the path to stronger infrastructure.

More on Feedback Solutions

Feedback Solutions leverages best in class people counting sensors with its patented technology platform to continuously calculate highly accurate real-time occupant counts based on user-defined zones within a building. This data is then communicated via: BACnet/IP, cloud platform or DDC controller – so that ventilation requirements are optimized seamlessly in real time based on actual occupant demand. These real time adjustments reduce energy consumption by as much as 40%, reduce GHG emissions and result in less wear and tear on critical HVAC equipment – all while meeting space ventilation requirements as per ASHRAE guidelines.


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