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Dynamo Spotlight On InnovationForce

Monday, July 10th 2023

Welcome to “Dynamo Spotlight On…,” a new video series where we dive into the minds of the visionary founders in the Dynamo Network who are driving the clean tech revolution. Join us as we explore the inspiring journeys, breakthrough technologies, and sustainable solutions that are reshaping our world for a brighter future.

Our first interview is with Kim Getgen, Founder and CEO at InnovationForce.  Join she and Kristin Barbato, Co-Founder & President at Dynamo Energy Hub as they discuss the hurdles and opportunities that face modern utilities as well as the latest progress, challenges, and innovations at this critical juncture of the energy transition.


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InnovationForce is helping companies solve the world’s most complex innovation problems in energy, transportation, manufacturing and defense. By automating the innovation process to capture problem statements and unique “day-in-the-life” learnings, they accelerate both sides of the digital transformation process so that new technologies can be adopted into their customers’ environment and the market, faster.


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