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Dynamo Spotlight On NRG

Monday, March 4th 2024

Tune in to hear how NRG leads the way to a smarter, cleaner future. Kristin is joined by Lynda Clemmons, Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) at NRG, for a view from the top. Lynda and her team look at the entire energy system, from production to use, and find the best ways for a producer, utility, and consumer to lead the energy transition.

More on Lynda Clemmons

Lynda Clemmons is the Chief Sustainability Officer for NRG, where she leads the company’s sustainability strategy. Lynda and her team collaborate with stakeholders across the company to drive initiatives and create opportunities that advance a cleaner energy future for NRG and our customers. In her eleven years at NRG, Lynda has been recognized for her innovative work at the intersection of sustainability and energy. Here, she has led market-facing teams dedicated to sustainability advisory, renewable energy brokerage, and commercial and new product innovation, including carbon offsets. Lynda also ran an incubator for growing businesses and early-stage opportunities within NRG Business.


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