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Electric Power Sector Faces a Changing Climate – Path to Resilience

Friday, December 15th 2023

Dynamo and Alvarez & Marsal are proud to present their newest whitepaper titled Electric Power Sector Faces a Changing Climate – Path to Resilience. Request to download the paper here. The paper examines how energy companies across the electric power value chain, electric power customers, industries, and governments have been responding to the increasing severity of weather events and increasing dependence on electric power. Resilience manifests itself differently in a particular geography or for a particular business. Elizaveta Malashenko commented on this during our Holidays at the Hubs event in New York; “There’s a whole suite of solutions, that at different levels of specialization can help organizations with their public sector governments, multination global companies, or on a local level, understand their exposure to climate risk.” For the paper, Alvarez & Marsal surveyed Dynamo members—CO-Z, Accelergen, Viotas, DBL Partners, Avanti—to understand the importance of resilience to both innovators and investors.

The paper posits four Key Takeaways:

  1. Increasing frequency and severity of weather events is a growing threat to the electric power system
  2. The modern world is increasing dependence on electric power and there is less tolerance for outages
  3. Utilities have been leading investment in resilience, with a focus on hardening grid infrastructure
  4. Households are investing in back-up power and energy storage at an unprecedented rate

The paper is available to read here.


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