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Hub Spotlight: Dallas

Wednesday, November 30th 2022

We caught up with our hub space partner Common Desk about our newest hub opening with them in Dallas at the aptly named Energy Square. Here’s what they have to say about this fabulous location and all the amenities for Dynamo members 

Credit: Common Desk

Tell us a little bit about Common Desk and its Dallas location. 

Greenville Avenue is a gateway to good times for so many Dallasites. Whether you live in East Dallas/Lakewood, Deep Ellum, University Park, the M-Streets, or beyond, you probably find yourself frequenting any portion of Greenville Avenue on a regular basis, and we think these visits shouldn’t just be limited to after work hours on the weekends. We’re so excited to be part of the newly-renovated and reimagined Energy Square campus.

Energy Square boasts campus-wide amenities, like a full fitness and training center, additional conferencing outside Common Desk, a bookable rooftop event space, green space, and a prime address. Common Desk spans 2 floors of Building 2, offering offices, flexible suites, and shared space to the intersection of University Park and Greenville Ave.

How does Common Desk differ from other coworking spaces, hotels, and members clubs? 

Common Desk’s mission is to make days better by creating thoughtful moments, human connections, and a sense of belonging–for all. Now more than ever, we’re committed to the last part of our mission statement: for all.

Before we all faced a global pandemic, there was already a loneliness epidemic. Common Desk has an abundant sense of community, and we’re committed to doing all we can to find creative ways to share what we have with all who need it, whether by way of a carefully crafted cappuccino at Fiction Coffee, through a move-in ready office suite, or through offering the most flexible workspace options around. Our people are as energetic, welcoming, tight-knit, and fun as they come. The Common Desk staff culture drips from the top down into the culture among our members, and that sense of culture is a key aspect that makes Common Desk so different.

Credit: Common Desk

What are the main benefits Common Desk offers that you’d like the Dynamo community to know about? 

Common Desk brings together the key things you experience in any given workweek–office space, coffee, events, and meeting space–and powers them with our hospitality-oriented staff and culture. Long story short, Common Desk gives you a lot more than just office space.

What are you most excited about Common Desk’s partnership with Dynamo? 

We are so honored to have the opportunity to create a space for Dynamo members to organically build their businesses and be a part of our community!



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