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Hub Spotlight: London

Monday, October 16th 2023

London calling! We are proud to introduce our first hub across the pond. We’ve teamed up with the trendsetting minds at space partner x+why, who’ve redefined co-working spaces with new age, sustainable designs and elevated offerings.

Why London? Dynamo has tapped London as the home of our flagship hub across the pond as the city is a true leader in green finance and home to many of the globe’s most groundbreaking companies.

Source: x+why

Tell us a little bit about x+why and its London location.

x+why’s innovative, flexible workspaces support a community of impact-driven leaders, companies, and movements who believe that business should be a force for good. Our London sites offer a range of event spaces. From the large, but relaxed, space at People’s Mission Hall, to the Amphitheatre at Chiswick Works. For those looking for a more formal setting, The Orchard clubspace provides an impressive bar and views to match. Located at One Great Cumberland Place, The Orchard is an exclusive Clubspace with The Portman Estate.  With impressive views across Hyde Park, it’s a vibrant space for connecting, socialising, and celebrating.

How does x+why differ from other coworking spaces, event spaces, and members clubs?

We are happy to say that there are other brands that also operate purpose driven businesses.  But we are one of the few that (with thanks to our community’s feedback) balancing all our customers needs. We are exceptionally customer focused and in the business of placemaking.

Source: x+why

What are the main benefits x+why offers that you’d like the Dynamo community to know about?

We at x+why create workspaces that bring positive people together. We’re more than pretty plants and neon signs (which we also have) we bring people together and create impact. In every office x+why members are collaborating, partnering and consulting.  They are sharing resources, insights and expertise to build powerful legacies.

What are you most excited about x+why partnership with Dynamo?

We are particularly excited about our partnership with Dynamo because we believe that we are both brands that are bringing more action-taking people together. We love making things happen and making a difference; and we know that partnering with the Dynamo community this will be sure to happen.


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