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Member Spotlight: Bioenergy Devco

Tuesday, September 13th 2022

Tell us about Bioenergy Devco.

Bioenergy Devco is a global leader in the design, engineering, construction, financing, and operation of advanced anaerobic digester systems. Our proven technology uses a scalable naturally occurring biological process to help communities and businesses transform their waste into energy solutions. Headquartered in Annapolis, MD, and with more than 250 organics recycling and clean energy generation facilities worldwide, Bioenergy Devco’s anaerobic digesters help fight against climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

How do you contribute to/help accelerate decarbonization?

Bioenergy Devco partners with businesses, communities, and governments to solve organic waste problems, while producing clean, renewable energy and achieving cleaner air, water, and soils in the process. Anaerobic digestion helps communities and businesses solve the challenges of organic waste management by reducing methane emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, while generating clean renewable energy and healthy soil products.

What trends are accelerating growth in your space?

Climate goals are a top focus at the local, state, and federal level, resulting in several newly initiated state-level waste diversion laws and the recently passed federal Infrastructure and IRA laws. Government is accelerating natural and technological solutions to climate change, and because anaerobic digestion is a natural climate change mitigation technology using microbes to transform waste into biogas and nutrient-rich soil products, it is gaining prominence in the US. As regulators, legislators and communities prioritize environmental justice, AD is emerging as a superior solution to unsustainable waste management systems such as landfilling and incineration, which are often placed near predominantly minority and low-income communities.

What are the main market opportunities or challenges?

We see big opportunities nationally because as the United States strives to achieve stronger domestic clean energy security, AD offers a non-fossil fuel power source to supplement existing infrastructure with sustainable green energy. Regionally, there is a need – particularly among food waste generators, waste haulers, and municipalities – for local solutions to organics waste management that advance sustainability goals while meeting bottom line business objectives. Because enclosed AD technology is relatively new in the U.S., one of the biggest challenges we face is the lack of general awareness about the natural, biological process that takes place at-scale, and the many benefits AD offers the food, soil, waste, and energy sectors.

How has collaboration supported your growth?

Bioenergy Devco partners with food companies, municipalities, waste haulers, utilities, and the communities in a holistic approach to growth by providing market analysis, product feasibility, permitting, financing, construction, facility management, and operations so that multiple types of organic material can be managed for maximum utilization and resource recovery. We actively engage with the communities we work in, helping each of our partners responsibly address their waste challenges and provide sustainable, renewable energy and healthy soil products that benefit local residents.

In 5 key words (or less), how do you want people to remember your company

Sustainable waste, energy & soil solutions


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