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Member Spotlight: Cowboy Clean Fuels

Monday, March 13th 2023

Tell us about Cowboy Clean Fuels in 3 sentences or less.

Cowboy Clean Fuels produces carbon negative renewable natural gas (RNG) by utilizing depleted coalbed methane (CBM) resources as geobioreactors to convert renewable biomass feedstock into RNG and sequestered CO2. Our patented technology is significantly more capital-efficient and scalable than traditional anaerobic digester-based or landfill gas-based RNG projects.

What is Cowboy Clean Fuels’ role in the energy transition and how are you unique in the sector?

Cowboy Clean Fuels plays an important role in the energy transition by enabling continued use of natural gas, while at the same time converting it from a source of climate changing greenhouse emissions to a source of energy that is carbon negative. CowboyRNG is the only form of renewable natural gas that results in actual CO2 removals from the atmosphere during its production and use lifecycle (vs. all others that can only claim avoidance, not removal).

What are the macro trends currently affecting you?

Natural gas prices and carbon credit prices.

What are the most recent updates from Inspiration Mobility and what does 2023 have in store for you?

We closed on our $5 mm Series A in late December and are planning to start full commercial roll out at our first project in Wyoming in the Summer of 2023.

Why did you decide to join Dynamo? What aspect of your membership are you happiest with?

We joined for the networking opportunities and are very happy with the events and other opportunities we have through Dynamo to expand our relationships in the renewables and energy transition markets.


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