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Member Spotlight: Pickering Energy Partners

Friday, May 5th 2023

Tell us about your company in 3 sentences or less.

Pickering Energy Partners is an energy-focused financial services platform. We are energy specialists – we’ve been investing and advising in this sector successfully for over 20 years – and our firm supports our clients across four divisions: Investments (Public and Private), Investment Banking, Research, and Consulting

What is your role in the energy transition and how are you unique in the sector?

Our core capabilities remain the same in the energy transition: we are investors and advisors. We invest in companies leading the energy transition and those directly addressing energy poverty through our public and private market strategies AND we partner with dynamic companies leading the transition through our advisory arms where we help connect these companies directly with smart capital.

What are the macro trends currently affecting you?

Large opportunity set for project-oriented energy transition investors that are willing to take risks somewhere between venture and PE. CCUS investors are eagerly awaiting precedent from the EPA on class VI permitting timelines, more disclosure on emitter commercial terms, enhanced guidance from the IRS on direct pay timing. Significant investor interest in SAF, Hydrogen, and other low carbon fuels. Technologies and projects that enable large-scale production with solidified commercial terms and EPC agreements will attract premium valuations.

What are your most recent updates and what does 2023 have in store for you?

More growth! More partnerships! More energy!

Why did you decide to join Dynamo? What aspect of your membership are you happiest with?

We love the community of companies that Dynamo has built and we are so happy that through Dynamo we have the ability to partner with these companies and further the energy transition.


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