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Member Spotlight: TeraWatt Infrastructure

Friday, October 7th 2022

Tell us about TeraWatt in 3 sentences or less.

TeraWatt Infrastructure provides reliable charging solutions for the future of fleet transportation. We work with fleets across light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles, leveraging a property portfolio that spans core metro areas, logistics hubs, and key highway corridors. TeraWatt develops and owns charging centers, bringing these online with in-house expertise and experience, enabling fleets to avoid capital expenditure and focus on their own operations.

What is Terawatt’s role in the energy transition and how are you unique in the sector?

Electrifying the transportation industry is essential to solving the climate crisis. TeraWatt is building the necessary infrastructure for the permanent transition to zero carbon transport. TeraWatt’s advantage is not only our property portfolio – targeted specifically to locations suitable for EV charging, which we have been growing for over four years now – but also our deep customer relationships and team with extensive experience in real estate, site development, energy and operations. These attributes, coupled with access to very significant capital from like minded investors, gives us a unique advantage in the ability to provide a comprehensive charging solution for electric fleets.

What are the macro trends currently affecting you?

Favorable incentives under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act and now the Inflation Reduction Act will accelerate electrification. Now more than ever, organizations are transitioning their fleets to benefit from the lower cost of ownership of electric vehicles and to meet ESG pressures. As companies start to receive their first light- and medium-duty EV orders, they are faced with the need to figure out their charging solutions. Electric fleet owners need reliable, efficient, and cost effective ways to power their operations. However, building reliable large-scale charging infrastructure requires more capital, risk management, and energy expertise than most organizations want to take on alone. As a result, the demand for charging infrastructure will grow to over $1 trillion in required investment by 2040. That’s where we come in. TeraWatt was established to provide solutions for the aforementioned challenges to ensure a faster, smoother transition to electrified transport.

What are the most recent updates from TeraWatt and what does 2022 have in store for you?

TeraWatt recently secured over $1 billion in investment commitment to support the buildout of commercial charging centers for electric fleets across the country. Earlier this year, we announced a strategic partnership with Kaptyn, a premier EV mobility company, to develop charging hubs in Las Vegas, Southern California, and South Florida to enable the company’s expanded fleet operations. Before the end of the year we plan to announce the largest and most ambitious charging project to date for the electrification of long-haul transportation along a major highway corridor. We’ve also opened a new office in downtown San Francisco and are on pace to double our current team by next year to fulfill needs across charging operations, real estate, sales, marketing, and more.

Why did you decide to join Dynamo? What aspect of your membership are you happiest with?

TeraWatt decided to join Dynamo because we were interested in networking with other members and cultivating potential business and partnership opportunities. Being a part of Dynamo has expanded TeraWatt’s brand exposure within the cleantech sector and helped us discover more industry events to participate in.


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