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Member Spotlight: The Megawatt Hour

Medium Monday, March 7th 2022
Deirdre Lord, Co-Founder of the Megawatt Hour

Customers first use our service to minimize cost. They end up staying with us because The Megawatt Hour provides transparency and clarity. We give our customers peace of mind and confidence in the decisions they’re making for their businesses.

Credit: The Megawatt Hour

We’re constantly told by our customers that we provide them with information they can’t access anywhere else. The information and insights provided by our software and service make our customers feel more confident and give them a true understanding of how to make decisions.

If collecting the data we provide to our customers was easy, many more companies would be doing it.

Credit: The Megawatt Hour

The Megawatt Hour is not only trying to minimize cost, but also trying to make sure that our customers are making decisions based on a realistic forecast of usage and cost.

Credit: The Megawatt Hour
Credit: The Megawatt Hour

We’re recommending that our customers take advantage of volatility instead of being subjected to it. Ultimately, we want our customers to feel in control.

Dynamo brings people together who are vital to facilitating the energy transition. The energy sector often operates within isolated bubbles — in one corner you have policy, in another you have a cleantech, in another you have customers. Before, there wasn’t a central clearing house in which we could collectively work together in the energy transition. Dynamo fostered that link and connection between different entities and organizations across the energy sector. We wanted to be part of that dialogue and be brought into that discussion. And that’s what Dynamo has afforded us — the ability to interact efficiently with different facets of the cleantech world.


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