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Partnership Spotlight: Common Desk

Medium Tuesday, March 29th 2022
Credit: Common Desk

Dynamo Energy Hub is thrilled to present an exclusive feature on our partnership with Common Desk. Common Desk is our official partner for Dynamo in Texas, with Austin as our first open and operational hub in the state — chosen for its part in cultivating the growing cleantech and innovation community as well as being central to the existing energy industry.

Our Austin hub — located inside the historic Littlefield Building at 6th & Congress (106 E 6th St #900, Austin, TX 78701) is situated right off two of the most iconic streets in the city and has been designed with both productivity and overall life enjoyment in mind.

The Austin hub’s benefits include:

● On-demand espresso, bottomless craft coffee, beer on tap and filtered water
● Multiple shared desk areas
● Chat booths for phone calls
● Unlimited conference room usage for members
● Member app & technology
● Bike storage
● Two floors of coworking space with eye-catching design and natural light
● Engaging community events

Credit: Common Desk

While Austin is our first Common Desk location, it certainly won’t be our last — we’re excited to grow into our partnership across future locations with Common Desk. As Dynamo Energy Hub continues to build the future of work for the new energy economy, Common Desk is a partner who will allow for seamless growth and expansion into new markets to bring Dynamo, our community, and Common Desk at the forefront of the energy transition within each city.

The most innovative cleantechs from around the world endeavor to expand their operations to Austin, Dallas, and Houston, along with other key Texas locations where Common Desk is currently operating. Common Desk will allow these companies, who are beyond the incubator or accelerator stage, a workplace with cleantech resources, corporate end-customers, and investor interaction.

Credit: Common Desk

As Dynamo continues to grow, partnering with Common Desk will better meet the needs of our ever-growing community. Partnering with Common Desk will allow us to connect innovative energy companies, disruptors, investors, and industry leaders, all in a state-of-the-art office environment.

Jenna Bailey, Content Marketing Manager for Common Desk

We’re delighted to be partnering with Common Desk for our newest Hub in Austin and our future Texas locations. Jenna Bailey, Content Marketing Manager for Common Desk, wrote in to Dynamo’s Content Manager, Annie Kuenning, to tell us more about Common Desk and what Dynamo’s partnership means to them.

Annie: Tell us a little bit about Common Desk and its Texas locations.

Jenna: Common Desk started in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas in 2012, and has since expanded to 20+ locations across Texas and North Carolina. It’s a wild dream come true that we’ve been able to serve and become stitched into so many different communities that each have their own personality, from city center to suburbs and everything in between. We currently have 18 open locations in Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston, with two more Houston spots on the way!

Annie: How does Common Desk differ from other coworking spaces?

Jenna: Common Desk was founded with an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, intent on serving the needs of every person. We believe what sets us apart is our all-inclusive approach to how we design and service our experiential workspaces and the Southern hospitality that each of our staffers exude. We don’t just exist to provide office space — we exist to make days better and create a sense of meaning and belonging for everyone.

Credit: Common Desk

Annie: What are the main benefits Common Desk offers that you’d like the Dynamo community to know about?

Jenna: So many! A few of our favorite perks are the bottomless drip coffee served at every location and our in-house espresso bars, unlimited conference room bookings, engaging community events, and open network of locations. Membership at one Common Desk location is an all-access pass to every location — whether you’re wanting to try different vibes within your home city or you’re away on a business trip, you can always find fun and productive places to work, no matter what level of membership you are. We’re passionate about Fiction Coffee, our coffee side hustle, too; Fiction enables us to continually fine-tune our caffeinated offerings to ensure they’re just as good as (if not better than) your go-to coffee spot, without ever having to leave the office.

Credit: Common Desk

Annie: What are you most excited about Common Desk’s partnership with Dynamo?

Jenna: Dynamo is a major character in the innovation of energy ecosystems, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to join forces with its game-changing members. It’s a privilege to provide convenient, experiential, and productive workspace for members of Dynamo; we’re always fired up to create spaces, moments, and connections that facilitate new ideas and solutions. Our member network is constantly evolving and diversifying, and we can’t wait to add the talents of Dynamo Hub members to our family!

Annie: Thanks so much for taking the time to write in, Jenna! Dynamo’s thrilled to be partnering with Common Desk for our Austin hub.

Credit: Common Desk


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