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Partnership Spotlight: Studio by Tishman Speyer

Medium Tuesday, January 25th 2022
Image provided by Studio by Tishman Speyer

Dynamo Energy Hub is delighted to present an exclusive feature on our partnership with Studio by Tishman Speyer. As of January 1st, 2022, Dynamo is partnering with Studio by Tishman Speyer for our D.C., NYC, and Boston Hub locations.

As Dynamo Energy Hub brings together traditional energy companies and cleantech innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs to facilitate the energy transition and shape the future of energy, Studio is a partner who will allow us to grow into a global network of hubs and enable events in key cities around the world. Studio allows for all Dynamo members to organically build their businesses and in turn, foster a thriving community within the energy sector for cleantechs, corporates, NGOs, and investor networks.

Image provided by Studio by Tishman Speyer

As Dynamo and our member organizations continue to expand rapidly, partnering with Studio will better meet the needs of our community. The benefits that our new partnership with Studio offers Dynamo members are truly unparalleled, including:

  • Modern, design-first flexible communal workspaces
  • Private offices available at a special, pre-negotiated Dynamo discount
  • State-of-the-art conference rooms with easy access booking
  • Premium ergonomic office furniture
  • Private, soundproofed telephone booths by ROOM
  • Beautiful event spaces available at special Dynamo rates
  • Premium coffee and beverage service with weekly happy hours and breakfast
  • Enhanced IT and technical support

…along with countless other luxurious amenities that will greatly benefit our members, your organizations and guests.

Stephanie Manley, Senior Sales Manager at Studio by Tishman Speyer
We’re thrilled to utilize Studio by Tishman Speyer spaces as the physical home of our ever-growing community. Stephanie Manley, Senior Sales Manager at Studio by Tishman Speyer, wrote in to Dynamo’s Communications Manager, Annie Kuenning, to tell us more about Studio and what Dynamo’s partnership means to them.

Annie: Can you tell us a little bit about Studio and how it differs from other coworking spaces?

Stephanie: Studio is Tishman Speyer’s flex office platform that launched in 2018 by a group of really bright and innovative real estate professionals here at TS. You can think of us as the ‘swiss army knife’ of Tishman Speyer, offering everything from a single hot desk for the entrepreneur just starting their business, to the full floor, fully built and furnished HQ space for the enterprise company, and everything in between.

Image provided by Studio by Tishman Speyer
What sets us apart, and where we really add value, is that our wide array of office space solutions is underscored by our expertise in the industry, our unparalleled sense of hospitality, and our sophisticated and elevated approach to space design.

Our members appreciate the stability — as well as the flexibility — that comes with partnering with an owner-operator like Tishman Speyer. We have strong roots and plan to grow our Studio footprint, which means companies, like Dynamo, can grow with us and feel good about having a reputable real estate partner by their side.

We also overemphasize on hospitality here at Studio and take great care in building and maintaining our spaces. By providing a plethora of services and amenities, creating the right mix of collaboration and quiet spaces, and having a team onsite to assist with all office operations, our members can focus on their own business and bringing their employees back to the office (and out of their work-from-couch routines!).

Annie: What are the main benefits Studio offers that you’d like the Dynamo community to know about?

Stephanie: Our expanding footprint and the global access that Dynamo members have with Studio is definitely high on the list. We currently have 14 locations across 8 major markets, and we plan to expand, even as soon as this year. Knowing that growth is such a priority for Dynamo and its members, it’s important to highlight Studio’s strategic growth as a benefit.

Image provided by Studio by Tishman Speyer

Given that many Dynamo members are just starting their business or are focused on growing their businesses, another amazing benefit of Studio is the suite of services. We really do aim to take care of everything for you so you can focus on what you do best. Whether it’s always having excellent fresh brewed coffee on tap, meeting almost any internet/IT requirement, serving free breakfast, accepting a large package on your behalf, or setting up a conference room for a VIP meeting, the Studio team is here to absorb the office operations and curate a full-service experience.

Annie: What are you most excited about Studio’s partnership with Dynamo?

Stephanie: I’m most excited about the networking, community, and culture that Dynamo is going to bring to Studio. How cool to have Dynamo employees and members across multiple Studio locations taking advantage of all we have to offer!

It’s been a goal of ours to create an even better, more organic, networking platform for our Studio companies and I think Dynamo is going to lead the charge in this effort.

Annie: Thanks so much for taking the time to write in, Stephanie! Dynamo’s thrilled to be partnering with Studio by Tishman Speyer for our NYC, D.C., and Boston hubs!


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